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Collateral damage?

Revisiting Pakrac in Croatia -where the war started in 1991

2/16/2007 From the TFF web site, Sören Sommelius writes about a small Croatian (formerly Yugoslavian) town and how the terrible conflicts of the 1990s still live.  It's a sad commentary on what war can do, especially when there is no help in rebuilding what was destroyed. Worse, the war looms over the whole populace when the process of reconcilation has never been undertaken. Read the article.

Kosovo: Many options but independence

This basic conclusion of the long-awaited report by UN special envoy Kai Eide was approved by the UN secretary general Kofi Annan and fully supported by the EU and the US, but it fails to demystify the paradox.

Only two a half years ago, the international community had charged that talks on status could not start before a set of basic human rights standards was achieved.

Since then, however, as it became clearer that the Kosovo Albanian majority was unwilling to meet the criteria and the UN unable to enforce them, there was a permanent watering down of prerequisites, until the proclaimed policy of "standards before status" was finally buried with Mr. Eide's report.  Read the article.

The Guardian (UK) -- Reference to the Trans-Balkan Pipeland

In an article about Halliburton and its subsidary, Kellog Brown & Root, the Guardian mentions KBR's hand in building a large base in the Balkans on the Trans-Balkan Pipeline. Readers will recall the 12/7/99 article of uncertain authenticity laying out the long-range stragetic reasons for the U.S. policy in the Balkans. The Guardian article contains the following paragraph:

One example of the work KBR did in the Balkans was Camp Bondsteel. The camp was so large that the US general accounting office (GAO) likened it to "a small town". The company built roads, power generation, water and sewage systems, housing, a helicopter airfield, a perimeter fence, guard towers, and a detention centre. Bondsteel is the largest and most expensive army base since Vietnam. It also happens to be built in the path of the Albanian-Macedonian-Bulgarian Oil (Ambo) Trans-Balkan pipeline, the pipeline connecting the oil-rich Caspian Sea region to the rest of the world. The initial feasibility project for Ambo was done by KBR.

It appears that the 1999 article was right on the money.

Jan Oberg: Peacemaking in Kosovo Coming to an End - for Predictable Reasons


There is a long-term background and some root causes behind the emerging peace-keeping failure in Kosovo. Media and politicians tend to forget them because they were ignored during the 1990s and do not fit the standardised image of the conflict. In this analysis, TFF (Transnational Foundational for Peace and Future Research) director who has been engaged in Kosovo since 1991 discusses some of the most important among those causes. Read the article.

Chossudovsky on Low-Intensity Nuclear War

January, 2001
As the number of cancer cases among Balkans "peacekeepers" rises, NATO's cover-up has started to fracture. Several European governments have been obliged to publicly acknowledge the "alleged health risks" of depleted uranium (DU) shells used by the US Air Force in NATO's 78-day war against Yugoslavia. Read the article.

Evidence Mounts that Gulf War Syndrome is Related to the Use of Depleted Uranium Shells by NATO

According to The Sunday Hearald, a Glasgow, Scotland newspaper, Professor Doug Rokke, ex-director of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project and a former professor of environmental science at Jacksonville University, claims that the U.S. and U.K. have concealed the hazards of depleted uranium used in explosives in the Gulf War and the War Against the Serbian People. Rokke says that he briefed US officials and military personnel as early as 1991 that inhalation or ingestion of particles from shells could lead to cancer, mental illness and birth defects. Read the article.

The International Monetary Fund And The Yugoslav Elections

These are links to three articles appearing in The Emperor's New Clothes concerning events in Yugoslavia. The thesis of the first article by Michel Chossudovsky and Jared Israel (9-28-2000) is that the G-17 group of economists, allied with the new president of Yugoslavia, Vojislav Kostunica, is actually an alter ego for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and that it aims to complete the destruction of the Yugoslav economy that was begun in 1989 by the same persons.
The second article is a response by Kjell Magnusson, Balkan expert, Uppsala University (posted 11-15-2000) who states that Chossudovsky and Israel are inaccurate and misleading.
The third article is a short response to Magnusson, stating that the facts are on public record and that the G-17 group is doing exactly what they predicted: vintage IMF/WB "shock therapy."

The Guardian (UK): Figures on Serb Killings Put Too High

According to The Guardian, NATO officials conceded last night that their wartime estimates of the number of Kosovo Albanian civilians massacred by Serb forces might have been too high. By about 7500, as a matter of fact. Or even by 97,500 if you use NATO highest estimate of the number of Kosovars killed by Serbs. Moreover, not all the dead can be shown to be victims of executions, since Serbia was fighting an insurgency encouraged, if not funded, by the NATO powers. Since The Guardian supported The War Against the Serbian People, it is something of a surprise to see it admit what was internationally well-known since the time of the war. On the other hand, The Guardian managed to put in a little disinformation to justify the bombing: "NATO's intervention against Yugoslavia was prompted by massive Serb offensives against Albanian villages in Kosovo, which caused hundreds of thousands of civilians to hide in forests or flee across the border. There were frequent killings of unarmed civilians." The problem with this version of the facts is that the "massive Serb offensives" occured after NATO started its bombing in full knowledge, by the way, that its bombing would bring about exactly the actions that happened. For a remarkably intelligent journal, it's hard to believe The Guardian would be so obviously out in left field. Read it for yourself

NATO Attack on Mitrovica is Move Towards New War

From The Emperor's New Clothes 8/14/2000
Kosovo, one would believe from the media, now that it is freed from the suppression of the Serbs, is stabilizing politically and moving towards civil government on a western model. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary it is, under the influence and active encouragement of KFOR, becoming a deeply racist, fascist state. The western powers' elites are determined to eliminate the independence of the Serbian people and have shown that there is no act, no matter how vicious or brutal, to which they will not descend in order to achieve their objective. The western press is their willing tool. Read the news article.

Mr. Svend Robinson's Debate in Canadian Parliament June 13.

For those outside Canada, Mr. Robinson is New Democratic Party (http://www.ndp.ca ) [similar to British Labour Party, German Social Democrats, etc.] Foreign policy critic and Member of Parliament. He initially supported bombing Yugoslavia, but was the first Member of Parliament who denounced bombing. This is his speech before the Canadian House of Commons on June 13, 2000, along with a press release, both in English and French. Read the article.

Lift the Sanctions on Serbia: A Report from The Transnational Foundation for Peace and future Research.

TFF personnel visited the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, consisting today of Serbia and Montenegro and they report on the effects of NATO-imposed sanctions. What are the effects? Are they working? The leadership and the military, which are the ostensible targets of the sanctions, are doing just fine, thank you. Everyone else, including the middle class and over 750,000 refugees from the other parts of former Yugoslavia, however, is suffering deeply. Read the article.

Fighting in Kosovo - Further Update

The Guardian (UK) reports that in the town of Mitrovice, serious fighting has been occurring since yesterday, when 40 Serbs, including a young child, and 14 French KFOR soldiers were injured by two hand grenades thrown into a crowd of Serbs by ethnic Albanians.

Surely it is obvious by now that either 1) the entire NATO operation has been a disaster, in that it has simply not accomplished any of its humanitarian goals. Therefore, the leaders of NATO are fools and idiots for having imagined that the bombing would result in anything different, or 2) the NATO bombing had nothing to do with humanitarian considerations, but instead, was part of NATO's strategic drive to the east and the Serbs happened to be in the way. Not a nice thought, but the latter explanation fits the facts better than the first. See the Tanjug article reported earlier for more background..

Kosovo Update

Now that nearly a year has passed since NATO commenced bombing Yugoslavia, it is appropriate to take stock of what the NATO powers have actually accomplished in light of their stated objectives. Click on this link to read a paraphrase of those objectives. Now let us compare what has happened in light of those objectives:

By its own yardstick, the entire operation has come up wanting, and it appears from recent reports in the New York Times and The Guardian that Albanians within Serbia are presently engaged in provocation of the Serbian police in an attempt to provoke a response sufficient to excuse a KFOR incursion into Serbia proper.

When a civilized and freedom-loving people have suddenly been demonized by our government and its sycophants in the mainstream press, it behooves us to look beyond the popular outcry and seek deeper, less pleasant, and ultimately, more truthful, reasons for what our elected officials are doing. No people could be as evil as the Serbs have been portrayed in our media; the picture has been a caricature.

To put it bluntly, the mainstream media, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, have shamefully foisted that caricature upon the American people for at least a decade.

The evidence is so overwhelming that a reasonable person must conclude that the mainstream media in the U.S. have deliberately and eagerly taken on the task of maintaining psychological denial among the American people -- denial of the dark motives that often are behind U.S. foreign policy. The American ideal, articulated so perfectly by John Winthrop in his characterization of American as a "city on a hill," leaves little place for the dark underside that every nation possesses.

When we deny the moral ambiguity of our own nation, we are led into two great moral mistakes:

Thus our popular attitude towards the Serbs. The average American believes that there is no crime, no matter how atrocious, of which the Serbs are not capable. That same American is utterly ignorant of Balkan history and of any personal knowledge of Serbia or its citizens, and has nothing within his experience to judge the truthfulness of the newspapers he reads, the newscasts he sees on television, or the self-serving proclamations of his government. It never occurs to him that the typical Serb is likely to resemble the typical American; that he desires the same things for himself and his family and loves his country for the same reasons that the American loves his: because it is the land of his birth and it has protected and sustained him during his life.

Yes, Milosevic may not be a nice guy, and Yugoslavia might be better off without him, but the U.S. has never been bothered by thugs in office, so long as they served the interests of U.S. elites. How many do we need to name? Noriega, Somoza, Trujillo, Suharto, Diem, Ky, Thieu, the Shah of Iran, Pinochet, Mobutu, Batista,... the list is very long.

What about ethnic cleansing? That certainly didn't bother our leadership in East Timor when the Indonesian army wiped out a quarter of the population using our weapons, nor when the Guatemalan army killed over 40,000 indigenous peoples with our support, merely because they wanted a more democratic nation.. More to the point, it didn't bother the current administration when the Croatian army, under semi-fascist President Tudjman "ethnically cleansed" the Krajina region of Croatia by expelling over 200,000 Serbs. The reason that it didn't bother the administration, dear reader, is because the Clinton administration approved the operation and supported it quietly in several different ways. So much for "humanitarian" motives.

Obviously, Milosevic's crime has nothing to do with his management of Yugoslavia; on the contrary, his crime is that he is not adequately serving the interests of the U.S. elites that control foreign policy.

If one is willing, it is possible, in a democracy, with a reasonable amount of effort, to learn the truth, even when falsehoods are shouted from every corner. When a nation's foreign policy is conducted in the interest of a tiny minority, to the detriment of the nation as a whole, the majority must be carefully conditioned to eschew that small effort towards learning the truth.

We can be sure that such conditioning is effective when our government can wage an illegal, vicious, inhuman and cowardly, high-altitude war against a small, weak and helpless nation on "humanitarian" grounds and get by with it.

UN Broke in Kosovo, Not Even Nordic Governments Care

Lund, Sweden February 7, 2000
"Isn't it amazing that the new moralists who profess to protect human rights, democracy and peace and who spent unlimited funds on warfare now don't even bother to provide the UN with the minimum funds to bring peace to Kosovo? The UN urgently needs US$ 102 million. That equals what Sweden spent on sending 860 soldiers to Kosovo. Thus writes Dr. Jan Oberg of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research in what is essentially a letter to the European Union. Much of it applies to the U.S., as well. Compared to the billions we spent bombing Serbia and its province Kosovo, the $102 million is peanuts. The U.S. could write a check for that amount and hardly notice it. Read the article.

U.S. and Britain Veto Relaxation of Fuel Embargo on Yugoslavia. Temperatures go to -14F

After the first undeclared war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, NATO with the support of the European Union and thus of Italy has initiated a second war, this time declared. The old people and the children who are dying of cold and sickness only a short distance from our homes are not victims of the harshest of Balkan winters -- it is we in the West who are killing them with the embargo. Try to imagine what it means for a citizen of Belgrade to spend the night at 14 degrees below zero without heating because the sanctions prevent deliveries of fuel oil, without light because the electric power plants were bombed and are still closed for lack of fuel, without medicine because Serbia is the evil empire and its inhabitants are demons, their sin is deadly and deadly must be the punishment... --Loris Campetti in the independent Italian left daily newspaper "Il Manifesto."

Read a report of the energy crisis in Yugoslavia by Diana Johnstone (From The Emperor's New Clothes)

Washington Post a "Useful Tool" for NATO?

Paper's coverage distorts facts about Kosovo war crimes

When a group of prominent international legal scholars filed a war crimes complaint against NATO for its actions in Yugoslavia, the Washington Post's coverage (1/20/00) was dismissive--demonstrating a poor grasp of international law and the war in Yugoslavia, and relying on an "expert" with a blatant and unmentioned conflict of interest. Read the complete report from Fairness and Accuracy in Media (FAIR)

Will We Ever Know the Truth About the Effects of Depleted Uranium?

Robert Fisk in The Independent (UK) reports that the hospitals in Basra, Iraq, are experiencing a virtual epidemic in cancers occurring among residents of areas where U.S. Forces used depleted uranium ordinance during the Gulf War. According to Fisk, Basra's leading cancer specialist, Dr. Jawad al-Ali, has maps showing an unusually large rate of leukemia growth in those areas. Evidence is accumulating that the Gulf War syndrome being experienced by returning veterans is the result of exposure to dust from depleted uranium shells. We know that NATO used DU ordinance in Kosovo and the rest of Serbia, including civilian areas, but so far, there has been little scientific or medical outcry to investigate the effects of DU on either the Iraqi or Yugoslavian people. NATO has refused to divulge even the locations where it used DU ordinance in Yugoslavia.

Many years ago, our armed forces sprayed tons of a defoliant called Agent Orange over Vietnam, in an effort to deprive the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army of jungle cover. Agent Orange contained dioxin, a highly toxic and persistent substance which ultimately was absorbed into the bodies of everyone who came in contact with it and who ate dioxin-contaminated food. It has been blamed for miscarriages, deaths and a variety of ills and has spawned endless controversy and litigation in the use between veterans and its manufacturers. Our own distinguished Senator, John Stennis, chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, in an uncharacteristic lapse of judgment, supported the use of defoliants because it "saved American lives."

The phrase "saving American lives" has a certain appeal; measures to protect the lives of American servicemen in combat are usually things to be applauded. But not always. There are some things that are universally acknowledged as to be so cruel, so inhuman, that they don't belong in the repertoire of military behavior, irrespective of whether they save American lives: torture, poison gas, dumdum bullets, and land mines come to mind. Second, and perhaps more importantly, is the use of weapons that cause needless suffering to non-combatants, as well as using conventional weapons directly on non-combatants.

Depleted uranium clearly flunks all the tests. It does not save American lives, contrary to what our leadership tells us. On the contrary, DU dust affects both troops and civilians alike. DU ordinance is proving deadly to Iraqi non-combatants and the worst of the cancer epidemic afflicts the very people living in Southern Iraq that have no love for Saddam Hussein.

Because we fought a cowardly, high-altitude war over Serbia, we will be spared a "Balkans" syndrome among returning veterans, but we can also be assured that the cancers that are afflicting the people of southern Iraq will also afflict those Serbs and Kosovars unfortunate enough to live in the vicinity of where DU weapons were used.

Things have a way of coming around. Because we regularly deny the shadow side of our national character, that shadow side has become arrogant and vicious and therefore dangerous to the entire world, including ourselves. There will be a horrendous price to pay for all the suffering our power elite are deliberately inflicting upon innocent people. In the shrinking democracy that this nation has become, we citizens will also pay a high price for our gullibility, neglect and callousness in allowing such atrocities to be perpetrated in our name.

Even the Wall Street Journal is Coming Around: No Killing Fields in Kosovo

Finally, even the Wall Street Journal, the unabashed mouthpiece for the military-industrial complex, is admitting the truth about Kosovo -- on the front page of today's issue, no less (December 31, 1999). "War in Kosovo Was Cruel, Bitter, Savage; Genocide It Wasn't. Tales of mass Atrocity Arose And Were Passed Along, Often With Little Proof. No Corpses in the Mine Shaft." Investigations by numerous agencies have failed to find more than 2,500 corpses, and "some human-rights researchers no say that most killings and burnings occurred in areas where the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army had been active, or in urban streets that backed into rural areas where KLA fighters could infiltrate."

In short, the 100,000 deaths that were lamented by NATO in the beginning, and the 10,000 deaths, which is now the official number, are being shown to be nothing more than propaganda ploys to justify a vicious bombing spree which killed thousands of innocent civilians and damaged the Serbian economy to the extent that most Serbs will be forced to endure extreme privation and suffering, all undeserved.

The pattern of bodies in Kosovo form clear evidence of a counter-insurgency operation by Serbia in preventing the secession of an ancient province, rather than an ethnic cleansing operation.

According to the WSJ, NATO's officials acknowledge that their member governments had "little independent information about what was happening on the ground. 'We were all hamstrung,' a NATO official says." Most of the information coming to NATO, the story goes, came from the KLA, and NATO had nothing else to go on.

This sounds to us like poppycock. If the intelligence agencies of the most powerful and richest military alliance the world has even known cannot distinguish between 2,500, 10,000 and 100,000 deaths, they might as well close their doors and go home. They are a waste of money and time. A more probable explanation is that NATO knew exactly what was happening in Kosovo, but because that information did not justify the operations it had been planning for some time, it chose to publicly rely on news and intelligence sources close to the KLA, which could be trusted to report atrocities, "ethnic cleansing," and even genocide, all of which the mainstream press would dutifully repeat without question. And they did, shamefully.

The appearance of this article is particularly significant in light of a recent revelation in the Washington Post on 12/28/99, that the U.N. war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte is assessing a report on war crimes by NATO that could ultimately result in indictments against NATO personnel. Our opinion is that NATO forces deliberately murdered thousands of innocent civilians, including children, and destroyed non-military targets in a campaign of terror designed, not just to free Kosovo for the KLA, but to permanently damage Serbia's economy to suit its own geopolitical strategy. Therefor the indictment would have some merit.

It is unlikely that the indictment will be brought, however. The U.S. is too powerful, and, besides, it has made it clear that it will not be called to account by any international tribunal.

Empire has its perogatives.

Check out an article by George Pumphrey on the Srebrenica "massacre" in the Emperor's New Clothes. Apparently there's a little problem of finding bodies there, just like Kosovo.

Update: The Emperor's New Clothes and Pumphrey have apparently fallen out over the Israel/Palestinian conflict and his article has been removed. There are a number of articles on the web site, however that analyze whether or not the massacre actually happened or whether it involved as many victims as claimed. --Editor 11/22/2008)

Report on the Conditions of Serbs in Croatia

By Alice Mahon, MP, Britain (Posted 12-21-99)

[ www.emperors-clothes.com encourages everyone to reproduce the following in full including this note.]

Forwarded by Herman de Tollenaere
[remark on Ceku added]

In 1995 hundreds of thousands of Serbs were ethnically-cleansed from [the Krajina section of] Croatia amid widespread burnings, lootings and murders. No action was taken against the Croatian government by the European Union or the United States. I recently visited the Lika area of Krajina in Croatia with a human rights organisation, Homo Pula. I was profoundly shocked at the appalling conditions of the Serbian population, particularly the elderly - and dismayed at the quite blatant discrimination against them by the Croatian authorities.

Many Serbs who have tried to return to their homes are living in garages adjacent to the ruins of their burnt-out houses. These temporary quarters are often unheated and uninsulated. One elderly woman I spoke to had spent two years living in primitive conditions in a hut next to her home. The hut had gaping holes in the planks, which exposed her to freezing winter temperatures. Her house had not been destroyed, but stolen. It is currently occupied by the relatives of a Croatian policeman. This case has been brought to the attention of the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and she is now allowed to occupy a small curtained-off corner of the kitchen in her own house - a highly unsatisfactory solution.

Croatian occupied or owned houses benefited from full reconstruction finance, whilst Serbs were left with little or no help. Even an outsider like myself can see there is an official policy of ethnically cleansing the whole area of non-Croats. Serbs may be given papers which allow them to return, but when they do so are discouraged in every conceivable way from staying.

In Srb, a local town, Serb returnees had been trying for years to get help to repair their homes. These were not destroyed in battle, but by the Croatian army when it ethnically cleansed the Krajina. To date no Serb home has been rebuilt. I understand that the Croatian government is to restore public housing in Srb - to accommodate 280 Croats [refugees] from Kosovo [driven out of Kosovo by the KLA (UCK), commanded by officially still Croat Army General Ceku; in 1995 commander of cleansing of Krajina from Serbs; Ceku, however, never did anything against discrimination of Kosovo Albanians then living in Croatia by Croat nationalists ...]. In contrast to Serbs who are denied employment and income, these Croats are to be provided with employment through government sponsored projects in addition to their resettlement allowance.

Serb returnees are also discriminated against in health care and education. Diabetics and heart patients have no medication except what they can afford to buy and no bags are provided for colostomy patients. There is no secondary schooling for their children. Serbs are also politically discriminated against. The forthcoming Croatian parliamentary elections will take place under a new electoral law which reduced the number of seats for the Serbian minority from three to one. At the same time, Croats living outside Croatia will be allocated parliamentary seats corresponding to the number who vote.

I can only conclude that the Croatian government is aiming for an ethnically pure state. The international community is tolerating these openly racist policies. I intend to raise this at government and international level. I have tabled an Early Day Motion in parliament condemning the blatant discrimination against Serbs and other ethnic minorities.

Read a contemporary description of the ethnic cleansing of the Krajina from NandoNet (the Charlotte News and Observer) website. (link is broken and the current site has free articles only back to 2004)

Was Europe the real target in the bombing of Serbia?

An interesting and compelling thesis, purportedly translated into English from a Yugoslavian translation of a right-wing Italian journal, that the U.S. bombing of Serbia had nothing to do with the plight of the Kosovars, but reflected the geopolitical interests of the U.S. in closing down certain transportation corridors between Europe, the middle east, and the Caucasus. This article makes more sense than anything else we have read as to the reasons for the War Against the Serbian People. It also contains an explanatory comment by the editors of The Emperor's New Clothes, an iconoclastic web site in the best tradition of the Internet. Read the article and ponder. Anyone with in-depth knowledge of the geography and history of the Balkans is hereby invited to weigh in, either to confirm or refute the article.

Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo: The Roma

The Jackson Progressive has no proof of the authenticity of the following letter, which was passed to us through a mailing list. Nevertheless, it is commonly known that there were large numbers of Roma (Gypsy) people living in the Kosovo province prior to the War Against the Serbian People and that the Albanian Kosovars have included them in their efforts to rid the province of non-Albanians

Kumanovo 08.11.1999

To all democratic civilized human nations and to all government of the western countries and to all European Community.

In the name of the humanity and human solidarity, we, the Roma mothers, want to address to you this


We, Roma mothers from Kosovo, address this appeal to all the mothers all over the world. At the moment we are in the hardest times in our history since our arrival in Kosovo many centuries ago.

This tragedy swept away all our possessions gained by our hard work. Our European standard of living, our houses with modern equipment all is gone for good, swept by the robbers, fire-raisers and Albanian terrorists. The swill in our faces and in the faces of our children turn to tears, while instead of warmth in our hearts now is ache, sorrow for lost place and freedom, sorrow for lost job and dignity. In just one split of a second our serene family life turned to fear and uncertainty. Our living became nomad, as we never had one like this.

We live in the camp, in tents where conditions are so bad. We have rains, floods in the tents, wet blankets and sponges on the beds where we lay with our children. With such bad conditions came diseases such as: anemies, Flu, dehydration, Bronchitis, Asthma and in the worst cases Hepatitis. Because of the fact that medical staff in the camp Stenkovac 2 is composed only of Albanians we simply can't expect proper care for us. Also we can't expect proper special medical care in Tetovo as the most of the doctors are also Albanians and we are suffering because of them. All this results with bad conditions among us, mothers and among our children, so few days ago one of the mothers died.

In such bad conditions in the tents live 13 newborn babies, from one-day age up to two months, also 76 incline women and 196 mother still breast freezing their babies. Because of bad nourishing, low caloric food (only peppers and salt cheese) we have lot of sick women, insights, breast-feeding.

This tragedy in form of genocide and these poor conditions for living may cause the death of many children and us, the mothers. So we address this APPEAL to all the women all over the world to give their sympathy to us the mothers in camp Stenkovac 2 and to our children. We appeal to all humanitarian organisations and to all women to demonstrate and to protest, to make pressure to their governments to take us to their countries so we can feel again what we have lost, our peace, jobs, freedom, the future of our children, our peaceful and serene family life-with this, the women all over the world will express their humanity which is incorporated in their souls.

Mothers all over the world, as we are writing this appeal to you, our hands are frozen, the only light is the light of the candle which flame is swinging by the wind in our tent.

Instead the heat from the stove, our children's hearts is warmth only by our motherly love and our hopes for our better future. Mothers all over the world, please help us, help our children in this worst times in our living.

Roma Mothers from Kosovo who are in Stenkovac 2 Refugee camp in Macedonia

Ashmet Elezovski member of board the Roma National Congress

Roma Community Center "DROM" Kumanovo
Lokalitet Serava prizemje 7a
91300 Kumanovo R.Macedonia

The Bombing of the Chinese Embassy Was Not an Accident

On October 17, John Sweeney, Jens Holsoe, and Ed Vulliamy published an article in the Guardian (UK) stating unequivocally that the U.S. intentionally bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade on May 7, during the War against the Serbian People, after NATO electronic intelligence (Elint) detected it sending army signals to Milosevic's forces.

We read the article in the Guardian but didn't mention it here. It seemed that this was such a hot story that the New York Times, if not the Clarion-Ledger, could be depended to run with it. No such luck. Very little came out in the press on this side of the Atlantic on this startling story. In confirms what the Chinese government has been saying all along and shows up our own government spokesmen as liars, and not very good ones at that. Then an email from FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) arrived with an article on how the U.S. press has ignored this news.

(Ed. Note: On 11/10/99 FAIR reported the reactions of some prominent newspapers to its criticism.)

According to the Guardian article, NATO, after having bombed Milosevic's home and other sources of command and control electronic emissions, found that the Chinese Embassy was acting as a rebroadcast channel for the Yugoslav Army. It consequently removed the embassy from it's "non-target map." "Non-targets" included churches, hospitals and embassies, including the Chinese.

The matter of the bombing is extremely politically sensitive. The U.S. has apologized to the Chinese government and to the families of the three persons killed in the attack. Our government has blamed it on an incorrect map and that the real target was the Yugoslav Federal Directorate for Supply and Procurement, which, unfortunately, has never existed at the site the CIA director George Tenet stated.

Where are the Killing Fields?

The entire war against the Serbian people was waged on the grounds that the Serbs engaged in a program of "ethnic cleansing," which included atrocities, mass murders and all manner of outrageous and wicked behavior to the extent of actually committing genocide. Those accusations furnished NATO's justification for going to war with a sovereign country that had not committed the slightest hostile action towards any NATO member.

Now the folks at Stratfor have asked a terribly inconvenient question: Where are the bodies? The answer is that the teams in Kosovo looking and digging for bodies haven't found anything like the mass graves or the 10,000 bodies that our military and civilian leaders told us about with straight faces during the bombing.

This is awkward stuff. The administration and its compliant allies could be mightily embarrassed. Without the Serbian atrocities to justify their high-altitude cowardly war, they themselves would forced to defend themselves against the charge of crimes against humanity. Prestigious newspapers, from the New York Times on down, would be revealed for what they are: publishers of political propaganda who never bothered to check the truth of the administration's self-serving lies. That's probably the reason why you aren't seeing this question explored.

A world of appreciation to Stratfor for asking a highly legitimate, if highly unpopular, question.

Read the article on the Stratfor web site. Note: The folks at Statfor have reorganized their website and be best we can do with this article is the free preview. Membership is pricey ($349/year).

Alexander Cockburn: Genocide in Kosovo (10/22/99)

The Guardian (UK): Graves put Kosovo death toll in doubt . Killings and forensics do not tally

Clinton Administration Opposes Humanitarian Aid to Serbia for the Winter

According to the New York Times today, the plans for the European Union to help alleviate the plight of the Serbs in the coming winter has been opposed by the Clinton Administration, which is concerned that the aid might help strengthen the Milosevic regime. The inconvenient fact that the sanctions will harm civilians who had nothing whatever to do with the misdeeds of the Milosovic regime has been ignored. The inconvenient fact that Serbia will be dangerously short of electricity and fuel oil to weather the winter has been ignored.

The adminstration's opposition to aid parallels its continuing insistence upon sanctions against Iraq, on the grounds that aid would strengthen Saddam Hussein's regime. We can expect similar results: over half a million children dying from malnutrition and disease as a direct result of the sanctions, and the regime still securely ensconced in power.

Misleading UN Report on Kosovo

Those who wrote the
Report of the UN Secretary-General (in Acrobat format) on the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) must have had other aims than accurate reporting. The report is biased, embellished, slanted. It omits important aspects which point toward the fact that this mission ignores Security Council Resolution 1244 on which it is based and is a failure in-the-making on its own criteria," says TFF director Jan Oberg upon his return from TFF's 37th mission to the region and his visit to Pristina, Skopje and Belgrade. The complete report by the Transnational Foundation, Sweden.

NATO Helpless to Stop Ethnic Cleansing

The Next Kosovo War Has Begun. The Western alliance will not accept an independent nation there, and the KLA will not settle for less. From the L.A. Times. Again, we point out that our leaders knew all about the KLA long before they started the bombing. Only a fool would have predicted anything different from what is now happening. Clinton and Blair are not fools; ergo, they either desired this abhorrent outcome or else desired other strategic objectives that overrode any consideration for the welfare of the inhabitants of either Serbia or its province, Kosovo. Take your pick.

Serbs Flee Kosovo

According to The Guardian (UK), there are now no more than 2000 Serbs in Pristina, whereas only a few months ago there were 40,000.

The U.N. Refugee Agency estimates that of the 180,000-200,000 Serbs living in Kosovo, 170,000 have fled to Serbia. Albanian gangs have engaged in a systematic campaign of terror, including threats, physical assaults and even murder to force the remaining Serbs to leave, and the U.N. is helpless to do anything about it. It is common for the gangs to force departing Serbs to execute legal documents transferring their land to ethnic Albanians prior to departure.

Dennis McNamara, the UNHCR's top official in the Balkans, said Serbia was now home to nearly 700,000 refugees who had fled regional conflicts this decade. Read the article in the Guardian (free registration required)

Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Jackson: "The Albanians are no better than the Serbs"

The Electric Telegraph, online version of the Telegraph (UK), reports that Lt. General Sir Michael Jackson, NATO alliance commander in Kosovo, has found the Albanians are behaving towards the Serbs in Kosovo no better than the Serbs, and that they are using NATO's presence as an excuse to settle old scores.

Update: The article is no longer available on the Telegraph web site. There is, however, an interesting excerpt from General Jackson's autobiography that is well worth reading.

According to military police there have been 110 murders in Kosovo in the seven weeks of the occupation, including the massacre of 14 Serb farmers last week. Critics accuse NATO of creating a security vacuum. Gen. Jackson said: "It's no good pointing your finger at me. KFOR is not the answer. We are doing all we can, but attitudes can't be changed, thinking can't be changed, with a soldier." The New York Times recently reported that the Albanian Kosovars have established, in effect, a civil government throughout Kosovo, exercising civil authority and collecting taxes, all under the noses of NATO troops.

It is clear from their behavior that, given the opportunity, the KLA will carry out an ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the province, which cleansing we should expect to happen in full force as soon as NATO troops pull out.

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich Tells What He Learned From the War

Rep. Kucinich (D-OH), whose father was born in Croatia, was one of the legislators that met in Vienna with representatives of the Serbian political parties and Russia to find common ground for peace. "It is said that all Milosevic understands is force. But what we ought to ask is whether force is all we understand." From

When You Lie Down With Dogs ....

The recent atrocities by the KLA against Serbs should finally put to rest any illusions about what we were doing bombing and then occupying Kosovo. Our own government, less than a year ago, labelled the KLA as terrorist. The reason that Serbia rescinded the province's autonomy in 1989 was the systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the ethnic Albanian Kosovars against Serbs. The results of what we have done were entirely foreseeable.
Stratfor said it all a month ago (Link broken).

Perhaps a more accurate word is "inevitable."

Now it's happened. The KLA is determined to rid Kosovo of Serbs, in the firm belief that, sooner or later, they can get total independence, either by merging with Albania or in their own right. The only force keeping them from doing that now is an occupying army.

It is a bit late, as well, to dwell upon the difference between a police force and a military force. Although NATO controls Kosovo militarily, it is not equipped, either by training or organization, to engage in the kind of activities that are required of civilian police. We should expect the brutal murder of 14 Serb farmers to be repeated over and over in the province, and the traditional military, with its tanks, its planes and its missiles, to stand helpless in the face of forces it was not designed to contain.

In case you weren't familiar with the caption, the complete version is: "When you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas"

The Independent: Kosovo Facing "Total Anarchy"

The Independent (UK) reported today that Paddy Ashdown, British Liberal Democrat leader, presently in Pristina, stated that the province is in danger of descending into 'Balkan anarchy," and that the humanitarian crisis is more properly described as a humanitarian challenge, but that there is no effective police force and the result is an "administrative" crisis of terrible proportions. Most of the Serbs have fled Kosovo and the only Albanian force that could replace it is the Kosovo Liberation Army, an army of thugs that only a year ago the U. S. State Department labelled "terrorists." Albanians and Kosovar criminals have free run of the unpoliced province.

Considering the inconvenient fact that the Kosovo Liberation Army is and has been deeply involved in international drug smuggling and has a long history of its own "ethnic cleansing" campaign in Kosovo against Serbs, it is a fair question to both Clinton and Blair administrations as to why the KLA was chosen from the beginning to represent the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo instead of the "shadow" government the Kosovars themselves elected several years ago.

Could it be that our government feels more comfortable with drug smugglers and ethnic cleansers than actual democrats? Regrettably, the KLA resembles far too many of our drug-smuggling allies over the years: the Taliban of Afghanistan, Noriega of Panama, the Nicaraguan Contras, and the Burmese, Thai and Lao tribesmen of the Golden Triangle.

On the other hand, could it be that our leaders simply weren't thinking about what they would be doing after occupying Kosovo, other than capitalizing on the geo-strategic advantage gained by squelching a tiny state that refused to cooperate in the neo-liberal crusade of the U.S. and Britain in the Balkans? It's likely that in the near future many American (and British) soldiers will pay the price of that strategy with their lives and health.

Thomas Sowell's Balkan Rant

Why the Clarion-Ledger continues to publish that sanctimonious windbag Thomas Sowell is puzzling. Today's column is a good case in point. The column started out on a rather sensible note--that the recent Balkan campaign did far less damage to the Serbian military and its leader Milosevic than the administration claims and that it caused much suffering among innocent people. True, but far too late to do any good.

Then the pontificating arrived, heavy and thick. Perhaps the author had run out of ideas at that point and needed more column inches. He blames much of the current troubles in Yugoslavia on the "Progressives" and Woodrow Wilson's doctrine of self-determination of peoples applied to the region after WWI. Of course, Sowell gives us nary a thought on how the difficult ethnic problem of the Balkans could have been handled otherwise, particularly in light of the actions of the various factions inside the Balkans at the end of the war. An overview of the history of the period offers precious little support to Sowell's demonization of long-dead personages.

Of course, the economic dismemberment of Yugoslavia in accordance with neo-liberal, University of Chicago, economic principles (of which Sowell is a fervent exponent), under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, goes unmentioned by him. Readers of The Jackson Progressive will, of course, be familiar with Michel Chossudovsky's writings. His essay,   Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonising Bosnia (1996), is a far more convincing and logical story of the exercise of raw power in the 1980s by the IMF in destroying Yugoslavia's economy, a process which led to its eventual breakup.

It is difficult to ascertain whether Sowell, who is certainly in a position to know the facts, is consciously prevaricating, or has simply never bothered to ascertain the truth. In any case, his obvious object, to discredit Wilson, Lippman and the Progressive movement, fails for want of credible facts or context.

The Law of Unforeseen Consequences

The New York Times reported today that Saudi Arabia's Defense Minister, Prince Sultan bin Abdelaziz al-Saud, visited the Pakistani nuclear and missile facilities near Islamabad and that the visit caused alarm in the Clinton Administration. One of the plants visited produces enriched uranium (bomb material, in other words) and the other, missiles. Further, the Arabian government "obfuscated" when questioned about the visit by the U.S. Government.

The Times notes that the Administration is "especially concerned" about nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. It ought to be. Our leaders, since 1945, have proceeded on the premise that the nuclear genie could be kept in the bottle by the non-proliferation treaty, the carrot of U. S. aid, and the stick of the U. S. military. It is now patently obvious that the high-handed actions of the latter towards smaller and less-powerful nations is provoking them to acquire nuclear weapons.

It was foolish to assume that only a few nations would ever acquire the bomb--that the genie could be contained. It was equally foolish to assume that the illegal and immoral war against the Serbian people would not cause great alarm among all the nations of the World, or that it would not constitute strong encouragement to acquire defense weaponry capable of deterring similar behavior against themselves. A credible nuclear deterrent requires relatively few warheads and missiles, and weak conventional military forces virtually guarantee that nuclear weapons will be used.

Read the NYT article (registration required)

Toxic disaster

The Chicago Tribune today in "Toxic Disaster (Free article no longer available)" reports that doctors in Yugoslavia are advising their pregnant patients to have abortions because of the likelihood of damage to the unborn by airborne and waterborne pollutants from NATO bombings. Fish caught in rivers are sick or dead and cannot be eaten. In the town of Pancevo, for instance, the Tribune quoted a hydrologist as saying "On the night of April 18, ... , NATO bombers scored direct hits on facilities holding 1,500 tons of vinyl-chloride monomer, 250 tons of chlorine, 1,800 tons of ethylene dichloride and 15,000 tons of ammonia." Persons fled the black toxic chemical clouds from the burning complex. As the report emerge out of Yugoslavia, it is appearing more and more that NATO's war against the Serbian people has caused a humanitarian and ecological disaster of truly "catastrophic" dimensions, which will cause untold suffering and misery for both Serbs and Kosovars for many years to come.

The Ecological Disaster

What could we expect from the bombing of chemical plants, petroleum refineries, electrical power plants, water purification plants, fertilizer plants, and high voltage transformers? What could we expect from using depleted uranium ordinance on the land where people must live and which must sustain them by its agricultural production? Serbia, including Kosovo, is an environmental disaster."Teams from the United Nations Environmental Programme and the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements in Yugoslavia have already sent a report to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan warning of the dangers of 'miscarriages, birth defects as well as incurable diseases of the nervous system and liver,'" according to an article (no longer on web site) by Milenko Vasovic of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Bishop Artemije of the Diocese of of Raska And Prizren in an Open Letter to the Balkans Conference, Bonn, Germany on May 27, 1999, stated:

Therefore I keep asking the leaders of the West again: Who will live enough to enjoy the peace and democracy" which is being delivered to us on the wings of your tomahawks and smart bombs? Who will be able to survive living in the environment polluted by the effects of your bombs? Is this what you are doing and intend to do in future truly intended to "protect" Kosovo Albanians and the UCK? Is it possible that you are determined to protect them to the last one of them? Do you really intend to end the 20th century with such a bitter irony and cynicism? Is this the gate through which Europe has to enter into the third Millennium? If it is, then what we can expect from such a future? What kind of happiness, justice, prosperity and democracy we are going to enjoy? At the end of this century we must not forget the words of a prophet who said: "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" (Hosea 8:7). Let us think about it as long as there is time.

Greece, Iran and Armenia Becoming Closer

Stratfor reported on 6/30/99 that representatives of Greece and Iran announced that thir countries, along with Armenia, will soon sign a defense cooperation agreement, with the goal of creating peace and stablity in the region. Clearly, this realignment is a response to NATO's prosecution of the Balkan war. Watch for other realignments in the wake of the bombing.This is only the beginning of the fallout from our actions.

From the Independent (UK)

According to Robert Fisk of the Independent, NATO killed far more Serb civilians than soldiers during its 11-week bombardment of the country and most of the Yugoslav Third Army emerged unscathed form the massive air attacks on its forces in Kosovo. Instead of 40,000 Yugoslav troops in Kosovo, a more accurate count would number them at 60,000.

Moreover, Fisk reports that NATO officers were surprised when the Yugoslav tanks, missile launchers, artillery and vehicles were withdrawn from Kosovo with barely a scratch. He quotes a Serbian source: "They fired their missiles and then replaced the batteries with mock-ups. The time it took NATO's photo-reconnaissance people to identify the point of fire and the vehicle location and return to bomb the mock-up was a minimum of when we had to move our equipment - every 12 hours."

Other facts revealed in the Fisk articles:

The articles by Fisk are no longer available from the Independent's website.

The Albright Memo

It just came to the attention of this publication that on June 6 (page A21), the Washington Post, in an article entitled "U.S., Allies Face a Host of Hurdles in Finding a Cure for Europe's Cancer" made mention of a confidential memorandum from Madeleine K. Albright, Secretary of State, to the president in April, which outlined the U.S.'s long-term goals for the Balkans. Albright stated that the U.S. and the European Union "need to play a catalytic role in helping them [the Balkan countries] develop their economies, their civil societies, their democratic infrastructure and their security relations. "And we need to condition such help, as we did fifty years ago in Western Europe, on close cooperation among the beneficiaries and new understandings of sovereignty."

The Washington Post also quoted "one State Department official" as saying "We are going to stay engaged in this until this part of Europe looks like the rest of Europe. ... We're not talking about troops for two years. We're talking about a long-run engagement in the region."

The article says nothing as to when the WP acquired the memo or why it waited until two months after the bombing began to reveal its contents. What is striking is the virtual absence of mention by Albright of the public justification for the bombing: the protection of the ethnic Albanian Kosovars.

Of course, if you have been reading the documents linked to below, you will already know that NATO had been planning the bombing campaign long before it actually began, long before the American people had even the slightest notion of what was going on in the region or even where Kosovo even was. You will also know that the demands made upon Yugoslavia at Rambouillet were so onerous, so damaging to the sovereignty of Yugoslavia, that no nation could accept such terms. You will also know that Yugoslavia made reasonable counterproposals, which were not only ignored by NATO, but were suppressed by our own media, including the Washington Post and the New York Times. You will also be painfully aware that those same august providers of the public knowledge suppressed the contents of Appendix B of the Rambouillet "Demands" which would have allowed NATO occupancy of the entire country of Serbia.

So it should be obvious that the safety of the Albanian Kosovars was the last thing on the minds of our leaders as they made their way across the Atlantic; they had other, more grandiose, geopolitical plans, plans to place the Balkans under the thumb of NATO, militarily and economically, and a complete restructuring of the social, political and economic life of the societies involved, without the slightest regard for the rights or the desires of the peoples involved. This is called "bringing the blessings of the free market."

Welcome to the New World Order.

Now we have a peace agreement. The Serbs have agreed to let an international peacekeeping force into Kosovo. The peacekeeping forces will be under U.N. command and auspices. This is a victory?

Dear reader--look carefully at the Rambouillet Demands , particularly Appendix B, and look at what Serbia offered in response some ten weeks ago, before the bombing began. Look at what we are getting now, after the expenditure of literally billions of dollars of taxpayers' money.

We are getting precisely what Serbia offered ten weeks ago. Nothing more. All that bombing, all that sacrifice of military resources, all that suffering on the part of the civilians of Serbia, including the inhabitants of Kosovo, all for nothing. All that waste against a defenseless nation that has never raised so much as a finger against a single NATO nation. We have rained down destruction upon a nation that not too long ago was our ally against the Nazis. As a matter of fact, the last time Belgrade was bombed was by the Nazis.

What in the Hell is going on? What have we done? Why have we done it? What has been achieved? It all depends upon your point of view and what you consider your vital interest.

Serbia is a minor republic, landlocked, between Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Its leader, one Milosevic, is a former communist thug whose party, together with other parties, holds a majority in the Serbian parliament. It is clear that whatever Serbia does or doesn't do does not threaten the vital interests of the United States.

What really has been achieved?

 The wayfarer
 Perceiving the pathway to truth,
 Was struck with astonishment.
 It was thickly grown with weeds.
"Ha," he said,
"I see that none has passed here
 In a long time."
 Later he saw that each weed
 Was a singular knife.
"Well," he mumbled at last,
"Doubtless there are other roads."

         --Stephen Crane

Why We Shouldn't be Bombing Yugoslavia

Read the U.N. Official June 10, 1999, press release and resolution.

Our leaders and the mainstream media all tell the same story: The Serbs, ruled over by an ex-communist thug named Milosevic, have been killing and displacing ethnic Albanians in the Serbian province of Kosovo. To prevent genocide, NATO made reasonable demands upon Serbian government for international occupation of Kosovo, and when Milosevic refused, NATO's fighters and bombers took on the task of protecting the Kosovars and pressuring Serbia into accepting NATO's demands made at Rambouillet, France. We are asked to believe that the safety of the Kosovars is NATO's only consideration.

It should be obvious by now that these representations do not contain even a particle of truth. They are nothing but spin.

NATO's Stated Purposes

In its own words, here is what NATO says are it's purposes in Kosovo:

  1. a verifiable stop to all military action and the immediate ending of violence and repression;
  2. the withdrawal from Kosovo of the Yugoslavian military, police and paramilitary forces;
  3. the stationing in Kosovo of an international military presence;
  4. the unconditional and safe return of all refugees and displaced persons;
  5. credible assurance of Milosevic's willingness to work on the basis of the Rambouillet Accords towards a political solution for Kosovo in conformity with international Law and the Charter of the United Nations.
Let's examine how these played out in the past two months while NATO has been bombing the Serbs on our behalf:
  1. The bombing caused an immediate increase in Serbian military action in Kosovo. Ethnic cleansing increased, and a flood of refugees from Kosovo has overwhelmed Macedonia, Montenegro and the Serbian interior. Scores of civilians, both Serbian and ethnic Albanian have been killed and maimed. Their homes and cities have been destroyed by the relentless bombardment of NATO aircraft.
  2. The Yugoslav military, police and paramilitary (whatever that is in the context of this war) have most certainly not left Kosovo and the bombardment has not run them out. Nothing short of an armed invasion can make them leave other than of their own accord.
  3. NATO is being disingenuous. The Rambouillet Ultimatum (which NATO calls "accords") provided for a NATO force that was immune for any acts whatever and which could go anywhere it wanted to in the entire country of Yugoslavia.
  4. Even if all refugees and displaced persons were to return to Kosovo, they would return to a desolate land, their homes destroyed, their fields raviged by bombs and made dangerous by unexploded ordinance and their environment polluted, perhaps irreversibly, by NATO's indiscriminate use of depleted uranium shells.
  5. The Rambouillet Ultimatum, by its very wording, was designed to provoke refusal by Milosevic and the Serbian Parliament. It would have required Serbia to acquiesce in a foreign occupation, not just of Kosovo but of the entire nation. Serbia's willingness to allow a United Nations force into Kosovo was ignored by NATO and our mainstream media.

To pretend that NATO only wants Serbia to behave in "conformity with international Law and the Charter of the United Nations" is a mockery of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, both of which forbid one country attacking another without first being attacked.

This is a war against the Serbian people. The air bombardment is killing and maiming innocent civilians and rendering the country uninhabitable. Serbia has never raised its finger against the United States or any member of NATO. Historically, its people have displayed a love of democracy and freedom that should elicit our admiration, not our demonization. That it is unfortunately being ruled today by a thug is no excuse for a vicious and cowardly air campaign which has not only caused and will continue to cause untold suffering and death but will not achieve its stated objectives.

Unless NATO's stated objectives are not it's real objectives.

Read on. The following documents are welcome alternatives to the mainstream press, which has consistently and uncritically supported NATO's behavior:


Kosovo: The Rambouillet 'accords' which the Serbian parliament rejected. If you want to see why, click here to go directly to the clincher - Appendix B. The source of the text of the agreement is on the State Department website.

Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History by Steven W. Sowards, Head, Main Library Reference, Michigan State University Libraries. An excellent tool for understanding the current Balkan situation.

Michel Chossudovsky: Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonising Bosnia (1996), A blow by blow account of the destruction of the Yugoslav economy by the International Monetary Fund and other international financial agencies, beginning in the early '80s. If all you know of Yugoslavia is what you read in the newspapers, this will unpleasantly enlighten you on the real causes behind the recent sufferings of the Balkan peoples.

Michel Chossudovsky: NATO's War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia: An Overview Dr. Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and author of The Globalization of Poverty, Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms, Third World Network, Penang and Zed Books, London, 1997. He is a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to Stop Canada's Participation in the War in Yugoslavia.

Michel Chossudovsky: Kosovo "Freedom Fighters" Financed by Organised Crime

Stratfor A private intelligence agency with a large and interesting website. Stratfor's analyses have been some of the best, in my opinion, on the military angle.

The North Atlantic Treaty (Interesting fact: NATO posts a copyright notice on its web site.)

The United Nations Charter

The New York Times (registration required) Unwaivering commitment to the NATO cause. Bomb them back to the Stone Age.

Truth in Media: a non-profit organization founded in 1992 by Bob Djurdjevic and a group of Americans who were concerned about the fact that the wealth of information concerning domestic and foreign affairs never made it to the attention of the American public. Extensive coverage of the War Against the Serbian People, including background. Bob Djurdjevic: Article from the Washington Times: An Ugly Double Standard in Kosovo Conflict (October 25, 1998.)

Edward Said: The Treason of the Intellectuals. An article published in Egypt on the bombing of Kosovo.

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska And Prizren.

University of Belgrade Faculty of Law: Serbia's Title Over Kosovo

The Jackson Progressive
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