Along the Color Line

The Jackson Progressive is pleased to announce that we will be carrying Along the Color Line, a column on race relations by Dr. Manning Marable, Professor of History and Political Science, and the Founding Director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University in New York City. Dr. Marable's messages may not always be welcome to people in this area, especially whites, but the messages that we like the least are most likely to be the ones we need the most.

The Iraq War and America's Economic Imperialism

December 29, 2006
The incredible disaster that is the Iraq War is not an accident, according to Dr. Marable. On the contrary, it is the entirely predictable result of neoliberialism and the corporatocracy that dominate the U. S. and its foreign policy. Read the column

Erasing Dr. King's Real Legacy

March, 2006
The powers that be, while doing their best to obscure Dr. King's real message of non-violence and democracy are systematically dismantling King's legacy. Read the column

Escaping From Blackness: Racial Identity and Public Policy

September, 2000
The greatest struggle of any oppressed group in a racist society is the struggle to reclaim collective memory and identity. At the level of culture, racism seeks to deny people of African, American Indian, Asian and Latino descent their own voices, histories and traditions. From the vantage point of racism, black people have no "story" worth telling; that the master narrative woven into the national hierarchy of white prejudice, privilege and power represents the only legitimate experience worth knowing. Read the article.

Who is Joe Lieberman?

September, 2000
Dr. Marable explores the selection of this Jewish Democrat to be the running mate of Al Gore. His conclusions: the Republicans have won, even if Gore/Lieberman win the election. Read the article.

Halt the Machinery of Death

February, 2000
Now that the Republican governor of Illinois has called a moratorium on executions, there is no better time than to review the shameful record of our criminal justice system in the trial and appeal of death penalty cases. There are compelling arguments to halt executions on the grounds that the death penalty is applied in a racist manner and that numerous innocent persons are executed. Read the article.

White Supremacy in Dixie

February, 2000
Dr. Marable's experience in the Deep South demonstrates that the old ways haven't completely departed. Read the column.